Unable to download Kontakt Factory Selection 2

Abe Powell
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I've tried to download KFL2 FOURTEEN times (on #15 now - generally taking about an hour before self destruct) through the Native Access app and also NINE times from a Google Drive link provided in another thread. It always fails with no other message than "Download Failed". It seems to get about 25 gigs in and I've never had any download issues before - I'm generally wireless but plugged Ethernet in and still no success. All other Kontakt libraries are downloading fine and fast.

I reckon I've downloaded 1TB just trying to get this one *iso file.

I've removed the *iso and *aria2 files before every retry and trawled the forums and web for solutions. I thought having a Google Drive workaround would be risky but I can't even download that.

Basically I've just dropped a few hundred bucks to fast track a project but now wasted a couple of days trying to get this thing to just do a basic download. I've sent the issue to the NI support but no word as yet.

A simple mirror download or ***** would be great but the best solution would be to break the library up if the NI servers can't efficiently deliver a 40GB package - in the best cases that will download in 5 to 10 mins from my connection.

Please Help!!!!


  • CDSMusic
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    Same thing here, can't download it, I get the Download Failed message too...

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