Smartlist feature: Use "currently playing track" as a filter condition, for bpm, key, etc

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A Jump off MrCree's idea for smart playlists, I thought that it would be great to get smart playlists with conditions you often want.

So you could make a playlist in the BPM range +/-5 from [currently playing track]. And MrCree's Matching Key + Adjacent Keys from [currently playing track].

While you could do a automagic selected list of fitting tracks (bpm & key, I guess Traktor on mobile does that?), anyone who uses smart playlists will probably want to have different lists with genre or vibe tags, or do something else creative with playlists, that find tracks for you in relation to whatever you are playing at the moment.

It's cool, nerdy, not too hard, very Traktor. IMO.

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  • axeldelafosse
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    Love this idea! Seems like a better version of "Track Filter" on CDJs!

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