Installing Komplete 14 into my DAW {Cubase 12}

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Hello, I thought I was doing it correctly but probably not. I'm not seeing my komplete 14 bundle available in Cubase or instruments. I have my DAW install on my C drive and my libraries and plug ins on my D drive. I went to the plug in manager and added those folders upon search and it cant find new items after refresh. If anyone can help out with this I would greatly appreciate it, I'm sure i'm doing something wrong.

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  • just_jump
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    Sounds like you might be on Windows? Can’t help much with Cubase specifically but on max the plugins install locally with library content can get be installed to other drives.

    You could open Komplete Kontrol standalone and make sure it sees everything as a starting point. If not then I’d check what Native Access thinks the status of plugins are.

  • Theziz
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    In your C: Programs Folder, go to your Steinberg folder and locate your VST3 or just your VST folder. In there is where your .dll files are located and installed to make the plugins work in Cubase. What you could do (I have done this as well since you have them installed on another HDD) make just a dedicated folder named "NI or Native Instruments" load that up in your VST manager in Cubase 12 and it will recognize them after you do a scan of that folder. Hope it helps! Also make sure that your Native Access is up to date.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JoeySFS Also make sure to install all NI applications, like Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol, Reaktor, etc...maybe this will help: Which Applications do the KOMPLETE Content Products Belong To?

  • JoeySFS
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    Thank you for all of the feedback guys. I have not looked into Komplete Kontrol yet, but Nativ Acess does say installed on everything, and I was trying to select that folder in the vet scanner and it still wouldn’t find anything. I do know the .dl files I just downloaded are. It in the C drive folder, so I’ll check that as well. Basically I just bought all of those stuff, so it’s all fresh downloads and isntalls/pathways, I was using another DAW prior.

  • Jeremy_NI
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