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i cant locate my sasha soundlab or dm307 plugins. it says path is invalid but icon in native access shows up with no other options other than notes and installation path, chich when I click, does not have the DM307 library anywhere. I wanted to re-download but it says to use native access. I have uninstalled native access and reinstalled it ang it is the same as before. any help would be great! thank you!

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  • LostInFoundation
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    By locate you mean inside NA? Do you see a Locate button for them?

  • tmb1500
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    Correct, inside native access there is a locate button that goes to a folder I setup for the NI data but when I press, I can't find the library and it gives me the error message. Inside native access, the other plugins have a version number and file size but this does not have either and size is blank and version number is 0.0.0. So I was thinking I could re-download the library but it does not give me an option to Uninstaller dm307. I Uninstaller NA and after reinstalling it was the same. Hope that helps! Thank you so much!

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @tmb1500 DM307 is a Heavyocity Kontakt library and it's download is not handled by Native Access, you need to download the library from the developer, then locate the files and proceed as follows: Setting Up a Third-Party KONTAKT Library

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