S4 MK3 sound balance not ok

Fatalfelix Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

I have a S4 MK3 since about 4 year. Always enjoyed it a lot!

Normally I make use of an external DAC, but today I played without. It was strange to hear that the sound was not well balanced. Left is louder compared to right.

  • Looked in Traktor, but the pan knob was exactly in the middle;
  • Tried the headphones on the S4, but this sounded balanced;
  • changed the rca cable, nothing changed;
  • Tried another device on the same cable. This resulted in a balanced sound. So it’s not my amplifier.

Looked on my MacBook Pro, but it seems I can’t control balance over there.

Does someone know if this is a soundcard issue? I can’t remember I had this when I first bought it.


  • Stefan Posthuma
    Stefan Posthuma Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have the same problem with some kontakt instruments. For example Noire. I don’t get it centered. When I put the panorama in the middel it’s still more to the right. I checked my daw, computer, amp, monitor controller and my interface but everything is alright there. If I plug in a guitar or a mic I don’t have the issue. Stefan

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