Exporting Traktor Playlists To Use on Someone Else's Traktor

CP2023 Member Posts: 15 Newcomer


I've looked around online and there is no easy answer for what is seemingly a very simple question.

My music library has quite a lot of music recorded from Vinyl, so the actual inherent .WAV files have a particular name. In Traktor Pro 3, so that they aren't formatted like 'Song Artist - Song Title', I click on the songs and rename them to have title in the title field and artist in the artist field.

As well as having all my cue points on these tracks - I simply want to export my umbrella folder which is called 'DJ Library', within this is all my sub folders - and be able to put it on a USB, attach to someone else's laptop which also uses Traktor Pro 3 and for the songs to have the identical formatting I use on MY Traktor and the stored cue points.

What is the simplest way to do this?



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