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    That was my last response for this edition! Thank you all for the comments, feedback, criticisms, concerns, and ideas! All of them are very insightful and gave me a lot to bring back to the teams.

    Some key takeaways from my end:

    • Light mode is pretty important to more people than before, so I'll make sure to schedule it more short term after our current commitments.
    • Hide has become an emerging topic, along with onboarding (which includes a quick-start migration flow) improvements. Something I'll also start taking a look at.
    • Startup is in a good state, and I'm thankful users have noticed it too, although there's still a few kinks to iron out. I've learned the lesson that I over-prioritized this initiative, but from what I'm gathering regarding the current in-progress initiatives, it sounds as though we're on the right track. Really motivated to carry that into the next releases.
    • Transparency has been very welcome, though there's more I can do to show my face around here and on our other channels like reddit. I'll be doing it more often throughout the quarter. Still quarterly DevTalks, but I'll at least make community posters feel heard.
    • Old products/older version support is also emerging as a common concern. While there's limits to what we choose/are able to support due to the nature of tech, we'll start taking a look at how Native Access 2 can have pit stops to maintain the support for those products and make them available in some way. We'll need to craft a good strategy here, so it's going to take some time. Thank you for those who raised these concerns.
    • Some clarification surrounding the NTK Daemon is needed. There's a lot of interest in the existing feature set throughout the company, but nothing's been locked in and committed to at this stage, and thus there's nothing for me to share. Since it's an invisible service, it's normal to be suspicious of it and thus there exists a lack of trust/security in its existence, and I've not been clear in demonstrating the importance of the NTK Daemon running at all times. I'll do more the next time I release a deep dive.

    I'll be reporting back with a more up-to-date roadmap next quarter, and a DevTalks diving into the download flow and the challenges the NTK Daemon and Native Access teams have been needing to address. Hopefully by then, we'll have begun rolling out uninstall for products and have the download queue migrated and upgraded, which will allow me to share some concrete next steps in Native Access' journey.

    Thanks again for the responses! Looking forward to the next one!

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    No wait…last question

  • LostInFoundation
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    edited April 21

    Do you see what I mean by “answers seems to say “ we are interested, but we’ll do as we want”?

    You are a master in diplomatic answers 😂😂😂

    I’ll reformulate the question for jojo…

    @Hayo_NI DIRECT question: Will we need to be connected to the internet to use MASCHINE/KONTAKT/KOMPLETE KONTROL/ANALOGUE DREAMS/…?

    He never asked about installations, but about “NI products”.

    Please give a DIRECT answer this time

  • Hayo_NI
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    Short answer: No, but we're not sure how that looks yet.

    Long Answer: We haven't thought about offline usage, but we want products to be usable both offline and online. Native Access at the moment has no offline support, but it's a topic we parked and intend to address in the future. NTK Daemon's offline interaction I don't know, hence why I need to check, but I'm off today to tend to personal matters.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Thank you for the direct answer

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    And that's a wrap. Thank you everyone for joining, and thanks @Hayo_NI for giving us a glimpse into Native Access and its journey ahead. Can't wait to have you back again for the next round of DevTalks.

    Until next time 👋

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