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  • enot
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    when you have so many plugins I find that the startup time is not that bad of an issue. the issue I do have somewhat of a problem with is having to log-in to the app every time I open it. or when there is an update not being able to see what that update is anymore other than that startup time is fine.

  • James Steele
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    Native Access 2 has not worked right for me since it was released. I'm on a M1 Max Mac Studio. I started running Monterey and am now on Ventura, but the OS didn't make any difference. Practically every time I launched NA2, I was prompted to re-enter my admin credentials and NA2 would "install dependencies." It was very frustrated. I finally discovered that, at least on my system, the process was unstable and after my Mac was on for any significant amount of time it would spontaneously crash and the process would disappear from Activity Monitor.

    I developed a workaround and that is I added the to the dock. Any time I run Native Access, I now first click on the icon in the dock (launching the app if it has crashed and stopped running in the background), count to two seconds, THEN launch Native Access. I've never been asked for my admin credentials again after that.

  • AxeHandle
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    "We want to make installing, getting up and running, and managing your products a seamless experience"

    100% agree.

    Taking 15 to 20 minutes to startup and install 3 updates (my current experience) is a big incentive to avoid** NI in future purchase decisions.

    **hopefully not cause I like NI

  • Lowkus
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    When are older applications going to be supported in Native Access, or when is some other activation option going to be made available? My Win7 computer died, I was forced to move to a Win10 machine, and though I can install applications like Pro-53 and B4ii onto the Win10 machine I cannot get them out of the demo mode because there is no server response for the activation process. I don't understand why your developers are unable to do some quick patching of the older programs to get them working, maybe I'm overly skilled as a developer but it seems difficult to believe fixing all of the older applications would take more than a month or two for a single developer.

  • Staykool
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    Hi Hayo. Thx for doing this. What I have is a request that NI access would also for the ability to fix a certain instrument or expansion that is causing major problems without having to download everything from scratch. IN the past, when their were problems that the NI Technical team could not fix. I would have to delete some files in Maschine that would require redownloading everything. And then it would take forever for Maschine to rescan all the plugins. The scanning time is extremely slow.

    Please think about the ability to fix a problem with an expansion or instrument in isolation. I know this is a big problem that will require a fix over time but this is my request. Access has come a very long way since i started using it so thx for all your hard work.

  • NodeOperator
    NodeOperator Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Any chance we can take a peak at what ‘Preferences’ folders may be included in future NA iterations. One of the biggest issues I have; when moving performing system upgrades or moving to a new system, is in relation to moving my NKS presets, or more importantly merging the library’s.

  • holonology
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    Just to add another voice; thanks for the updates.

    For me as a new customer I have a shallow frame of reference as I am new to NI. The main thing that I'd say about NA is that it is something I'd like to use on a need to know basis. Software updates are a part of life, but really for music, this is something you'd ideally use once in a while. The modern musician has a bunch of proprietry installers on their machines, and honestly it would be better if this were unified, so making the process as quick and pain-free as possible should be the goal.

    One of the main things that feels odd about it is that when I change or remove a product, that currently involves manual work. I'm glad to see you making progress towards doing this automatically, but this is my main request. For example, I took a subscription to Komplete Now and then upgraded to a full license of Komplete. Yet my original Now subscription still appears in my account. I'd rather have the option to either hide or delete things in one click, and not have to manually dig into files and folders to remove stuff.

    For reference, the one that stands out as being pretty straightforward in my experience is Arturia's Software Centre.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 182 mod

    I've passed this on to the Komplete team to see what they think. Interesting request! One pitfall I can see is if someone is trying to migrate their software, the updates might be incompatible for some reason or imported to a device that's not officially supported yet. But I might be missing something. If there's something we can do, I'll come back to this.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 182 mod

    Checked in. So:

    • From our perspective, from a user experience side and a support side, we'd like users to start at the latest version with our products. These versions contain bugfixes, newer content, and other quality of life improvements, and having users start with earlier versions can cause a lot of unnecessary load on the customer support side. So it makes sense to update, and regardless of which version of the installers go back to the KHDD, an update check will always be necessary. Another update to any of the products might be available at the time as well, so that's something we need to check for, and updates to engines will always be reinstalled.
    • A valid frustration is that a product installed via KHDD can be annoying when updates are prioritized over just installing the base version. However, with everything going on within our project scope, I see this as a much lower priority to address in the short term. We're looking to change the way we handle installers to improve speed and mitigate the size/duration of uploads, which would affect content products that are bundled in Komplete. I think this is where we can get a great win already on both sides cause then downloading updates will be much faster.
  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 182 mod

    Glad to hear this! Glad we have the desire for uninstall in common! Looking forward on your feedback when we introduce this feature hopefully by the end of this quarter to our first batch of products.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 182 mod

    Hey enot.

    Regarding logging in to the app every time you open it, we're exploring ways to improve this experience. If you need to log in to your NativeID every time, that should not be the case ever, but if you need to insert your admin password every time, this is a pain point we're brainstorming solutions to at this stage.

    I'd love to get more insight on the update details concern. We have release notes that can be accessed, with it now being clearer to find in the new Product Detail pages. They should always be showing historical release notes for every version as well. Any tips that you might have on how we can make this clearer for you is very welcome. If it is in reference to Native Access, these should now always be accessible in the Help menu as of 3.3.0.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 182 mod

    One of the biggest frustrations with startup that remains is that we reinstall the Daemon if it isn't running upon trying to start Native Access. The reason we chose to do this was that in the past we had instances where more NTK Daemons than one were starting up, so we decided to be laxer with the check and force a reinstall if we couldn't find it. We're actively working on a fix as I share this. Thanks for bringing up this frustration with us!

  • LostInFoundation
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    I think he is referring to the “official” NI hd that came when we chosed a physical copy of Komplete instead of the “download” only type. Option that is also gone now, like the option to download installation files from the site, since you don’t give us any installation file to keep for our own

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 182 mod

    Hey Lowkus. Highly recommend you reach out to support on this matter. They might have some solutions for you.

  • LostInFoundation
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    15-20 minutes? 😶 THIS sounds like you have some other kind of problem my friend. Unless you are using a 1986 computer with a 56k modem 😂

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