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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any Mac apps or tips for organizing your maschine exports…

After awhile you have a lot of finished tracks in the exports that could be for different purposes… some could be for a beat store, music library, etc… are there any applications that could label the exported files, or color code them, maybe even a filtering system for organization…?


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    Isn’t Mac’s Finder enough?

    I would make some folders renaming/reordering immediately every time you export something. If you wait when you have too many, the task is gonna become tedious.

    A couple of minutes every time is better than a couple of hours once in a month 😉

  • D-One
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    Most people just use the file-manager and sub folders, how folks go about it varies, people who are extremely productive tend use a folder per month, or year, others have everything bunched together but use very descriptive file names for the .wavs like BeatName_BPM_Key_Style.wav. MacOS users often use finder tags too.

    I know some folks that use Notion to get things organised to an insane level, usually only needed for people who sell beats or produce for artists regularly. Basically a list of all beats with tags like Genre, sub-genre, style, BPM, Key, if it's available or sold, to who, if it's paid or not, and fields for details like notes, if it's finished or not, ideias to implement on the beat, etc... and all that can be tied to other creative work you might have... It's a bit OCD but usefull if you're into productivity boosters.

    I guess you could also use software designed to classify samples like ADSR Sample Manager and create custom tags to your liking and playlists.

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