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I have sold my NI Licenses and started the Transfer. But since two days I get no answer from NI. No Mail that the received the Question. Nothing.

I made another Ticket to ask if they received the Question for License Transfer. This answer (ticket-Opening info) and confirmation came within seconds.

Why takes a simply License Transfer Question that long?


  • Kubrak
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    If you have registered HW/SW that you want to transfer more than 60 days ago, you should use automatic licennce transfer system. It takes from few hours to, say, a day....

    Here is described how to do it. It is easy.

    Otherwise (within 60 day period), you have to open a Support Ticket. Then, it takes from one to three days in most cases.


    If you have not received any email just after entering the Ticket, Ticket got lost somehow.....

  • ruben
    ruben Member Posts: 8 Member
    edited April 13

    i did this like described.

    but it is longer than 60 days (one whole year ago).

    on point 8 is written that support team must confirm in every situation.

    so i think i have to wait ... nothing goes automatically, no confirmation that they received the transfer question.

    still no answer from ni ...

    ----- point 8 of license transfer help ----

    Once your transfer request has been approved by our Registration Support team, you will get a confirmation e-mail containing the Transfer ID

  • Addyjay
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    Is the transfer system down. I’ve requested a transfer three days ago and yet to have a response.

  • ruben
    ruben Member Posts: 8 Member

    6 days now no answer from NI ...

  • afrogrit
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    NI please look into this

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