How to add looping to a core envelope?

I've got an AHDSR envelope in core, it's build on the standard core envelope framework, I can't figure out how to add looping to it?

I want to make it so that in loop mode the sustain and release are ignored and it will just process through the attack, hold, decay stage and then loop through itself again.

How could I do this?



  • bolabo
    bolabo Member Posts: 97 Advisor

    Did you try connecting a '0' to the 'Next' port of the 'D' macro?

  • Michael O'Hagan
    Michael O'Hagan Member Posts: 93 Helper

    You're the best, sometimes I just can't see the forrest through the tree's, it's literally sitting there right in front of me and I try like 10 other things, get nowhere and ask for help, and there it is, a single port to do exactly what I want it to do...

    Thanks man.

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