S2 Mk3 connection help please

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Hi all.

I purchased a s2 mk3 a couple of months ago and cannot figure out how to get it connected with my current hardware setup at home. It cannot be as hard as I'm making this out to be.

I want to hook this up to my PC that I use external studio monitors (KRK 8's and KRK sub) and a Focusrite scarlet 2i2. PC is windows 11. I do not use the onboard sound currently.

I cannot get the traktor to see the monitors and headphones so I can cue tracks on headphones while playing over speakers.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • LostInFoundation
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    Normally with a NI controller everything should work out of the box, but…

    Did you check Traktor’s audio configuration to see what is selected? (S2 is in the end an audio interface, so it must be selected in order to work). Do you use Asio or Wasapi?

    Is Traktor set to internal or external mixing?

    Are the drivers for the S2 installed? (again: with windows they should install automatically, but worth checking)

    Are the KRK and headphones plugged directly into the controller? (Main out in the back, balanced or unbalanced (and check also the switch position and volume knob) and headphones jack on the front)

    Is the S2 at least seen from Traktor?

    I know these sound trivial, but worth checking

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