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Hello friends, I'm mixing different performance programs these days and my entire archive is also archived in Traktor Pro with colorings, scorings, playlists, notes, cue points. Now I think there should be a method of managing all our archives compatible everywhere. We should be able to easily sync whenever we want to perform with different software. There are definitely those who know how they do this professionally. Can you help us with this?

In addition, there is the feature of recording as ID3, is this a solution in some software? Should this be used?

There is an additional 2 Mixed In Key software, I know this, but I don't use it. Is this the solution?


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    No, mixed in key is not a solution.

    There is:

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    I will investigate these. I thought there was an easier way.

    As I understand it, we shouldn't change the software we perform often. It's not very difficult, but to stay up to date, we must constantly do this transformation and one place must remain the center.

    There was a feature like this in the mixed in key software, all the information you created from there, such as cue points, notes, colors, playlists, was placed by dragging and dropping them into the software we wanted. It was an important detail when I didn't use it.

    Is ID3 tags important in this regard? For example, recordbox asks if it should write ID3 tags in the settings. Should we use this?


    Is there a free way?

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