Use the tracks i buy or make for my mixes on the clubes and streams for free,can i or can´t??

Dius Lucrii
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I need ask something important,i buy my tracks from Traxsource ,how far can i use them to my mixes on the clubes can i or can not ,something i was talk with some ppl and cant get a good answer.

I dont like Beatport Streaming but is it better ?

I dont seel the mixes i make or sets all free


  • Kubrak
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    It depends what country you are in. In EU countries it might be more or less the same, but not exactly the same...

    Generally, unless it is directly stated in the copyright licence one does not have the right to play music on public even when he has bought it (see the copyright label on CD/LP). The club (or the DJ) should have special licence agreement with company that maintains copyrights of artists and pay for individual gigs based on entrance fee and number of dancers. Maybe that sometimes they pay just some kind of flat rate...

  • lord-carlos
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    I'm not sure I understand the question.

    For clubs 320kb/s mp3, AIFF, wav, flac should all be fine.

    No, streaming is not better for clubs.

  • JesterMgee
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    Not quite understanding the question..

    Here in Australia when performing in public you need to have an owned copy (not streamed) and also have to pay royalties for the songs you play. I use a service called PPCA here which is a yearly fee and makes things easier. Technically, I cannot use MP3 conversions of the CD's I own but we kind of look the other way these days on that side.

    A streaming or download service needs a clause that stipulates you can perform these works in public. Usually this means you pay more for access to songs than something like Spotify which has no such allowance.

    End of the day, none of these will allow you to "make a mix" and then onsell or allow download/free play of any of these works because you do not own any of the material. Would be the same as you doing a highly technical mix of songs and having another DJ just play that for their stream and claim all the Kudos.

  • LostInFoundation
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    I think you guys centered the point when talking about the copyright aspect of this, not about the streaming. If I understand correctly, op is asking if songs can be played in clubs since they are from other artists.

    The answers they gave you are correct: all clubs have t pay fees for using copyrighted materials, being them telling you directly or not. And Kubrak got it right speaking about “flat rate”: not for every gig they will ask you exactly which artist you will play. They ask for a flat rate and then it’s up to them to regulate things with artists.

    Every country has its own “copyright and royalties organization” taking care of this. In Switzerland is called Suisa, in Italy SIAE, and so on and so forth

  • Kubrak
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    But, if DJ plays at parties, birthdays, weddings, he should have the contract and pay royalities...

  • Dius Lucrii
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    The thing is i play on 2 clubs that they have all the traks we can play not ower but them bec they pay for that to the copyright and royalties organizations.

    But they are really bad ;) im a techno acid and minimal techno.

    I have ask to the TraxSource usually i buy all tracks there that i dont make, i have some mine.

    They told me the only free way its streaming but with the usual playlist.

    So im think pay for the tracks i like im just see the best option

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