Is there a way to RESTORE deleted Quick-Load folder?

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Help! While navigating the (very shifty) folders in Quick-Load, I accidentally deleted the wrong subset folder, and now I have to go back and reorganize all 1,000+ folders - assuming no method of restoring deleted in-Kontakt folders exists. Is there some sort of registry or snapshot or database somewhere that the data to restore the folder might be, or at the very least, view what files I had and where? A "Last State Restore"-feature would be so very, very magical in a Kontakt update! At the very least, it would be so nice if Kontakt would display a confirmation prompt (w/ the option to tick Do not ask again) when a user deletes. After all, idiots like me do exist out there!

Context: Kontakt 5.8.1/6.7.X (non-Player)

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