Mikro MK3 will not connect to MacM1

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I want to know how you are connecting your Mikro MK3 to the USB-C ports. I am using a converter in my computer now that I have had for years. I will see the keyboard light up and blink some lights for a few seconds. All software and hardware has been installed, but still not able to use the pad.


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    Since you don’t say specifically where / how you’re trying to use on the software side I’m going to guess you’re using outside Maschine. If that’s the case the you need to put it in midi mode by pressing shift and top left button as I recall.

    If you are using in Maschine software / plug-in I’d open the midi editor and see if they’re communicating. It’s possible the daemon isn’t loaded in which case a restart might be the easiest to reload it. I think the Maschine software installs the daemon and the editor but not certain about the later as it’s been a while.

    For reference I’m running Ventura (whatever just came out) without issue on M1 Max.

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    Personally I use either a USB-C hub or a cable that goes form USB-C to USB type directly, i have more than one hub too, all works fine on M1.

    The background services or daemon is installed when Maschine software is installed. To check if they are running open Activity Monitor and write "Nih" in the search

    If you dont install Maschine SW then nothing will work as the HW needs drivers.

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