Why Kontakt routing lose quality after channels 7/8 in Maschine?

Bernard Hankins
Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 14 Newcomer
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Routing Kontakt 6 instruments out to Maschine sound 1, sound 2, etc.

Any sound routed to St. 1/2 output in Kontakt sounds great.

But once I get 6 instruments deep and send the instruments to St. 7/8 outputs and above, instruments lose noticeable quality. The "presence" and clarity is lessened. Comparable to hearing difference between lower bitrate mp3 and higher bitrate mp3. Or like a microphone was close but then moved farther away.

I do A/B comparison by routing instruments to 7/8 and 1/2 and the quality change is repeatable.

Anyone else have this happen.

Specs, Asus 17, Window 11, 8 Core Ryzen 16GB rams


  • ShelLuser
    ShelLuser Member Posts: 239 Pro

    How are you using Maschine? Standalone or inside another DAW?

  • Bernard Hankins
    Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Using Maschine as Standalone

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,789 mod

    @Bernard Hankins Never seen this reported before. Could you share screenshots of your routings of Kontakt in Maschine, or even better a short video displaying the issue?

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