Automated Migrating to Kontakt 7 in Logic Pro using Keyboard Maestro

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Hi everyone,

I've toiled for about 2 days to crack this nut. I'm working on a project that has over 100 projects, with each containing between 40-80 tracks each. Most of which are Kontakt instances. With the update to Ventura we are forced to update to Kontakt 7 for optimal performance compatibility, and after having transfer all the settings from my channel strips and loading them into Kontakt 7 manually by hand, I have had enough.

Thus! I created this wonderful script, which might be only half wonderful because I am not a programmer and you have to customise it a little to add your folder paths (easy), but I got it working for me, and you might get it working for you too. It makes use of Keyboard Maestro which you can get a free trial of, and eventually have to buy for $35 or so. You can set up automation to do repetitive tasks such as this for you, on a Mac.

The way that the script works is that after having your desired track selected, you trigger it by either running it in Keyboard Maestro or pressing F5. Then it will open the Instrument Window by triggering a keyyboard c Ctrl+Shift+K (which you have to add), click the dropdown menu on the top, click "Save As...", save it as temp.aupreset, navigate to "Kontakt 7" in the dropdown menu (which has to be in recents or else it won't find it, breaking the script), press enter, then enter, the close the instrument window, click the instrument patch dropdown menu, look for Kontakt 7 by writing it on the keyboard (so it has to again be in recents there too), then press enter. Then it will open the instrument window with Ctrl+Shift+K, open the dropdown menu, "Load...", then write "temp" in search for the temp.aupreset that was created and left in the Kontakt 7 aupreset folder, press Enter, close the instrument window and then it's done with that track. Then it presses the down arrow key to move on to the next track and repeats the entire macro, and keeps doing that until you cancel it by pressing F6 which is another macro included in this bundle (cancel all macros).ommand

After installing Keyboard Maestro you should be able to import this script. The conditions needed for it to work is for you to have a track selected already in Logic, that has a Kontakt instance. It's not super sophisticated, so everything needs to be put into place for it to w(IMPORoANT!!!)-> Trk.

The conditions are:

  • Must have a track selected before you start
  • You must have set the key command short-cut "Open/Close Instrument Window of focused Track" to Ctrl+Shift+K (unless you want a different one, or have one already, in which case you can edit the macro to your needs).
  • Only works on tracks running Kontakt (obviously)
  • You need to make edits to the Keyboard Maestro macro, to insert your path for the Kontakt 7 aupreset folder.
  • Kontakt 7 needs to be in your "recents" in the finder folder dropdown menu when you save an aupreset.
  • Kontakt 7 needs to be in your "recents" in the instrument patch dropdown menu.

The reason for this is because the macro makes use of typing "Kontakt 7" on the keyboard to navigate to the folder for saving and when choosing the instrument patch, because it might be in different places on your system compared to mine, in the dropdown menu.

Onc If any of these conditions are not met, the script will not work, so make sure it's all set up.e all of this has been setup, you should bundle all of your tracks with Kontakt togeth,emaybe preferably towards the bottom of the project, r so it can move on to the next track (which it does automatically by triggering arrow down). There is no condition for the script to end on its own, so when you have gone to the bottom and the process is done, you can click F6 to cancel it (otherwise it will continue in perpetuity, replacing Kontakt on the bottom track forever), which is another macro in the Logic Macros folder (attached). To start the script you can press F5. If something goes wrong and you need to manually delete temp.aupreset, click F Also, if you have a bunch of tracks within summing folders, then you must probably pull them out of them before doing this process.4

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