Projects are broken after Kontact update from 6 to 7

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I never intended to upgrade to Kontact 7, I do not own 7 I own 6. Somehow, I think it's coming from Native Access 2, Kontact Player 7 keeps installing itself. I end up with the problem described here as my instruments are expecting the full version of Kontact. Which I have, version 6.

Even if I bought the full version of Kontact 7 my problem would not be solved as I would lose all automation and settings on those tracks using those instruments with my projects. This happens every time the demo mode kicks in.

I have tried to clean my computer of Kontact 7 completely but it seems to keep reinstalling itself and getting me stuck in demo mode. I have already used this workaround to even be able to open Kontact 6 in Komplete Kontrol

Even if Kontact Player 7 would just stop installing itself, there is still a problem in Komplete Kontrol as it's still looking for Kontact 7 and says it is missing. Even though I have cleaned my computer of anything Kontact 7. I have also unchecked the use latest software option in Komplete Kontrol.

Right now all of my projects are broken that I have ever worked on. Is there any fix for this? I have Komplete 11, 12, 13 Ultimate Collector's Edition. I have the Komplete Kontrol S88 mk2. My studio is completely unusable in this state I would have to remake all of my projects. Is anyone else having problems like this, and has anyone found any solution? Thanks in advance.



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