Traktor Audio 6 not recognized in Traktor Pro 3

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Everything was working fine, and now I can’t get Traktor Pro 3 to recognize my Traktor Audio 6. I use a Pioneer DJM-700 and 2 technics. Perhaps some new catalina glitch? Don’t see any new driver for this particular version available (macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7.) Thanks in advance if anyone has a fix.


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    It should work according to that site

    I guess you use the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 Control Panel v 3.1.1?

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    Yes. I have Traktor Audio 6 Control Panel 3.1.1 (R19). Was able to restore a backup of my settings. Things still aren’t working. My girlfriend used my computer for Zoom and that’s when the problem began. Going to continue to go through all the settings in Mac (i.e. Sound, etc.) and see if i can’t resolve the problem. Appreciate the response!

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    Fixed! The computer was denying Traktor mic access. That resolved it! Thanks again for the response

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