Is there any way to make a blocks sequencer automatically reset?

johnwhitaker Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Yeah, that's pretty much the question. It is infuriating to have to remember to click the reset button every time I stop the daw in the middle of a song. What if I have, say, 42 sequencers in the song. I have to manually click each sequencer reset button every time? There must be another way.


  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 667 Guru

    The Clock Block (Blocks Base -> Util, ...its a default in a rack), has a reset out port. Connect that to the reset in port of blocks you want to reset. If the clock is set to Ext. then the Reaktor transport will cause a reset when you hit the transport reset, so I assume that will work with DAWs?... otherwise, at least you will only need one click, not one per sequencer instance :)

  • johnwhitaker
    johnwhitaker Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thanks for the reply. I had tried that before and it didn't work. What I didn't mention before is that I am syncing to an external notation program via TXLTimecode. As it turns out, when using the DAW transport, the sequencer does reset as expected. However, using the transport in the notation program does not. I suppose this discovery renders this question moot.

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