Kontakt 7 and Massive X updates are not working in Windows 11

David Wise
David Wise Member Posts: 10 Member

cpu is i9900 8c16t * 3.6ghz / 64gigs Ram / 12TB SSD's

If you need any help with debug - ask away.

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @David Wise Have you tried these steps? Fixing Software Update Installation Issues (Windows)

    There was also an issue with Windows Defender seeing installers as Trojans, as you can see in this thread: Known issue: Windows Defender flagging products as Trojans

    Make sure to have the latest Windows and Windows defender updates as this seems to have fixed the issue.

  • David Wise
    David Wise Member Posts: 10 Member


    I've now got it working thank you.

    The last bit of the Windows Defender Folder Solutions - is to re-boot.

    Then it works

  • Marcelo Troncoso
    Marcelo Troncoso Member Posts: 5 Member

    not working for me.

  • David Wise
    David Wise Member Posts: 10 Member

    It's Windows Defender fighting with what it 'thinks' is a Trojan - that clearly isn't a Trojan.

    All I did was to check for an added folder in the exclusion list within the Virus Protection part of 'Defender'


    It is entirely conceivable that Microsoft have patched this already - and it just hasn't got to your PC - yet!

  • Andrew Koenig
    Andrew Koenig Member Posts: 12 Member

    Last time I checked, the problem appears to have been solved on my Windows 10 machine but not on my Windows 11 machine.

  • chk071
    chk071 Member Posts: 457 Pro

    Masssive X shouldn't be flagged by Defender with the latest Security Intelligence Update anymore. Kontakt, I don't know.

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