Use Kontakt 7 as plugin with cakewalk sonar 3

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New to Orchestra Essentials 2 and Kontakt 7 and cannot get it to work as a plugin with Sonar 3 DAW. I can use as a stand alone but I'm totally in the dark as far as using Orchestra Essentials 2 as a plugin. In fact I don't even know it that is done. Going through the motions and doing insert synth just like I would with other plugins but zilch. No sound. I want to play existing midi files using Orchestra Essentials 2 but have no idea if even possible.

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  • Brad Yost
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    If you're actually referring to Cakewalk Pro Audio v3 (from approximately 1997) or even Sonar X3 (approximately 2015), then they didn't run 64bit plugins (v3) and X3 (latter) didn't support VST3 format, which is what Kontakt 7 is.

    Might be time to upgrade to the latest version of Sonar called "Cakewalk by Bandlab [CbB]". It's now free with an email account, and is VASTLY improved.

    I run Protools, Cubase, Nuendo, and Cakewalk, and believe it or not, prefer CbB (probably because I was a beta tester from 1993).


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