Why can't I sort Komplete Kontrol instruments alphabetically?

GentleThud Member Posts: 7 Member

This is probably an old bugbear, but I can't understand why there's no sensible sort function in KK, other than Drums/Samples/Specialised/Synths ... and even then it's not consistent and often changes what's in which category for no apparent reason. I've got more than 200 instruments in KK and I waste so much time trying to figure out where any one is in the random chaos. Am I missing something?


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,281 Expert

    You can sort by vendor, that groups plugins together by vendor alphabetically. That’s how I usually sort them. Never had instruments change category for no reason tho, always find things where I left them.

  • GentleThud
    GentleThud Member Posts: 7 Member

    Thanks JesterMGee ... alas, I seem to have a few instruments with serious identity crises. I never know if it's a coding problem with the software, or if KK is easily confused.

    Either way, the Vendor sort is fine to a point, but it still baffles me why KK doesn't list them, either within Vendor or Category grouping, alphabetically, instead of the random jumble it seems to prefer. Who ever thought random was a good idea?

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