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I did try and search this in the forum, but, couldn't find a clear answer. I downloaded the demo of EZDrummer and it is awesome just clanging around in it. However, I want to open it up in Maschine so that I can use it w/ my MK3.

1.) It is reflected in my Plug-Ins in Maschine:

2.) It is in my library

But, I don't see it as an option when I try to open it up in Maschine.

I know the answer is probably something simple. Is it because I only downloaded the trail version? Thank you

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Moxioron I guess you are expecting to see EZDrummer in the browser of Maschine, like a NI product, EZDrummer does not support NKS (format for Komplete Kontrol or Maschine that show presets in the left browser and maps controls automativcally for our controllers) so you need to load the AU or VST3 from the menu, EZDrummer should show there:

  • Moxioron
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    Thanks so much for the response.

    So I was able to add it as a sound. However, it only displays EZDrummer as the first sound and it's an open hi-hat. Is there a way for EZDrummer to directly interact ... where I can have both Maschine and EZDrummer open at the same time?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    I'm not sure to understand what you are trying to achieve. I am not familiar with EZDrummer and I don't have it at hand but you should be able to open the plug-in window by clicking this little arrow.

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    Hi, Here you get an idea what is possible.

    However you can spend many, many hours fiddling with the integration of EZD /SD into Maschine or just make music and import the WAV files generated by EZD into Maschine. It's up to you: Music or solving interface issues. 😉


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