is there a way to recalibrate the komplete kontrol modwheel??

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the modwheel on my komplete kontrol s61mk2 always worked fine. but since a couple of weeks or so it started misbehaving. it only starts picking up signal from +-40% up. from there it goes the normal 1 to 127. so it still has full range but not on the wheel itself. I tried looking for the calibration function in komplete kontrol (software) but the function isnt there at all. (which is weird, since you can calibrate pedals). any fix for this?

the hardware support team is leaving me waiting for 2 weeks already.

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  • rickert119
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    This doesnt help. In aware of the unlearn feature. However this doesnt have any effect on the modwheel reading cc1 info.

    It still reads 1 to 127 right now. But not at full lenght. Thats all i need to fix. But since for some (i dont even know why not) reason they dont give you the calibration option.

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    I understood your post. Kicks in at +-40%, but still covers the full range from '0 - 127' ... in my experience off is zero 😀

    Just threw it out there, because there's always a chance you could stumble upon the fix to the problem.

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    @rickert119 That looks like a hardware issue, you should get in touch with our Hardware department if you have not done it already:

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