Sampling from vinyl as part of live set.

Rob Y
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Hi all,

I have the Maschine Mk3 and love it! I’ve been creating tracks and sampling from vinyl for a while.

I’ve a new musical project on the horizon. I will have a turntable on one side of the mixer and the Maschine mk3 on the other, plus live Hammond/keys and tenor sax players.

I want to start playing the record, sample say a baseline or chorus live, built a beat around it in Maschine on the monitor mix, then when that hook or chorus comes around again, flip the live out to the Maschine. Build on that with live effects and pads whilst the keys player improvises and then the Sax plays the bass drop and the hook.

Cant find many examples online of live sampling like this, who are the bosses at this? I’d love some links for inspiration. I guess it’s essentially looping which there’s examples of. But who is doing that musically and creatively?

Also any turntable recs for gigging, should I just get a 1200?




  • D-One
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    So... You want to sample something and silently (with headphones) make a beat all while the record on the turntable is still playing and then switch to the Maschine output? I never seen anyone do exactly that as it's super specific... an interesting concept tho. The Sax + Hammond + drum machine reminds me a bit of JFK perhaps but still super different from your ideia.

    Also any turntable recs for gigging, should I just get a 1200?

    You don't really need such a strong turntable to press play and sample imo, something more modest like RP-4000 MK2 should be more than sufficient.

  • Peter Harris
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    If you produce a demo of this technique, I'd love to hear it!

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