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1. Does anyone know, will the Traktor 3 Pro Pass allow a person to go more mobile by using the pass filters via Traktor?

I watched the DubFire video where he’s plugging is drum kit on Traktor…. It appears he is saying if you want to go lite on equipment you and ditch the Push 2 and use the drum kit DubFire created for Traktor 3.

I like the direction they are going. Less hardware the better as long as you still have access to the sounds you want to create…. And no, it wouldn’t replace an actual Ableton 11 + Push 2 (some people like playing live and make the beats on the fly I guess) at this point but this could be an option to travel lite.

2. Model 1, Laptop w/ Traktor, K2 and external sound card… This is the set I want to go with as the Model 1 doesn’t have a sound card it seems... Im assuming a good sound card would be important in the chain. Anyone have any suggestions as for a sound card? Or should a person just stick with the apple M1’s sound card?


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    1. Mobility/Pass Filter: What are you talking about?
    2. You should definitely get an external soundcard; best one with one stereo output for every channel you wish to use (up to 4 for the Model 1, right?).
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    1. When I spoke about the Pass I was talking about Traktor Pro Plus. It’s a 5 dollar / month that give you extra fx and other things etc..

    2.Model 1 has 6 channels and the Model 1.4 has 4. Sound cards scale in price from 25.00 to hundreds of dollars. I was thinking about settling on a 100 dollar sound card. Or why couldn’t I just use the MacBook M1’s sound card. Would that work…? I think I’ve seen a demo where the DJ was using the Model 1 and it didn’t have an external sound card.

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    Are you asking if Pro Plus works while not connected to the internet?

    I assume so, but have never tested it myself.

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    I fairly certain that pro plus works with or without the internet. They have a some xtra drum kits from DubFire I’d like to use. I guess what I was trying to say was…. If we can get drum beats and effects created by DubFire, then something like Push 2 wouldn’t be necessary. DubFire and Ritchie Hawtin use Push 2 in conjunction with the Model 1 and make beats while live usually but if I can down load the beats and drum kits from DubFire which is on Pro Plus, then I’d wouldn’t need to buy a Push 2, as a lot of great beats would be integrated with Traktor Pro Plus. That’s what I was trying to get at. Maybe I wasn’t being clear.

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