Instrument Definition Files for India Discovery Series Definitions [also for others]

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Starting this topic to find out and discuss the Instrument Definitions for Various Instruments, especially for the Percussion/Drum Instruments.

I am getting started to use Kontakt/India Series instruments as a VST in Cakewalk and without Instrument Definitions and Drum Maps it becomes very difficult and error prone.

Before embarking on creating such files, which can be tedious and error prone (and even not possible as I personally do not know the names of the BOLS for the various drums) I thought I would check and also request the attention of NI teams - especially Nicki.

regards blissmusic.



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    If you enable the Info line, when you hover above each colored key in the virtual keyboard, you will see the name of the drum and articulation it plays in there.

    Of course, the same is available directly on the instrument's GUI when you press the [?] button in top right, and play a note.

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    Evil Dragon

    I just checked with Mridangam. Hovering shows something in the info area, but they are not Mridangam Bols - but some generic descriptions like 7 Fill, Low Fills and things like that.

    Some Mridangam BOLS are like,

    Tha, Kita, Thakita, Gha, Dhin, Na, Thom etc

    There are some similar BOLS allied with each of the Percussion/Drum instruments. These are the BOLS used and needed for composing rhythms.


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    Those descriptions are all there is, and are as they are, then...

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    There should be some documentation of those BOLS, even if it is not showing on the UI.

    They are basic notes of Mridangam and used by everyone.

    Just like Note Names [Sa, Re.. or Do Re Me...] for Melodic Instruments.

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