Logic and Maschine...Midi loop..?

Ged G
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Hi I run Maschine as a plug in in Logic X...I drag and drop my patterns to individual tracks in Logic..All good...However...Say I want to record a new pattern in Maschine ( i want to use the note repeat etc) whilst playing back the drag n dropped midi tracks in Logic...

When I put Maschine in record to record new ideas...Maschine freaks out and starts recording the midi from Logic back into Maschine..creating new patterns in multiple groups etc...So its kind of like a midi feedback loop...

So I need to find a way of switching the midi input to maschine off when attempting the above..?? Any thoughts greatly appreciated...


  • Uwe303
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    i would just copy the maschine instance Set all midi inputs to nothing, instead of host. If you do that from start on with new projects it'll be maybe easier. So one instance for playback and one for creating midi patterns.

  • Ged G
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    Thanks for your idea..ill give it a go..

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Ged G Did that work out?

  • Ged G
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    not really....Im pretty much done with trying to get Maschine and Logic to work together...its such a vibe killer having to run these two incompatible systems... Thanks for trying..

  • LostInFoundation
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    @Ged G They are not really incompatible…but I agree it’s a pain in the ….

    I was checking for another user and seen a lot of videos in YouTube. This is a quite short one, you can have a look and see if it can helps you:

    There are many more, but let’s promote some female tutorial maker…there aren’t too many of them ☺️

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