Reaktor 5 "The Service Center cannot be found."

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I am loading an old project that uses Reaktor 5. While Native Access shows that Reaktor 5 (along with newer versions) is registered, when I load the project and open Reaktor 5 it gives me that message. I was hoping to find a way around this so as to be able to see what sound file was being used in the project, as opposed to losing that info by replacing Reaktor 5 with another instance.

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    Service Center is discontinued since ages.

    Please use Native Access.

    If I want to use The Mouth by Tim Exile with R5 got a message Demo only or activite via Service Center.

    If you have an old project in your daw with a commercial ens in R5 you'll get the same message.

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    @indexai What DAW are you using? Can you post a screenshot of the message?

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