cant use Maschine at all / assigned to another account

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i am trying to use the maschine mk3, and it does not seem to boot up with shift-channel, i just see the two screens dimly lit with the logo. i had previously had this device assigned to another account and PC which i no longer can access (hacked email), and i am not sure if this is a hardware or software problem. i try to enter the serial into native access and i get an error message. i am basically locked out of the device and i am not sure what to do at all.

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  • ShelLuser
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    How did you connect it? Are you relying on USB power or did you use a powersupply to set it up?

    Also important: what USB port did you use? USB 3 or 2? Generally speaking you may be better off with 2.

    Also... shift-channel isn't required to use it, merely turn it on, load either the VST or stand-alone program and then things should work.

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    @poopybaby Any update on the issue? You should contact our registration support here

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