D2 shelf life?

I'm currently using 2 X1s, combined with turntables for DVS and an Allen & Heath PX5 mixer. Works great with Traktor, but I don't really like the X1s (I used an S4 Mk3 before). I miss the screens, as I now have to look at my computer a lot more. The sadly discontinued D2 offers all the goodies of the S4 in a more elegant package and better form factor (same depth as my mixer and 1200s).

As the X1 and all in ones like the S4 Mk3 are still available for sale and presumably share internals with the D2, my hope and expectation is that the D2 is going to be supported with Traktor software updates for as long as those devices. But before I go out and buy a pair of second hand D2s, is there anyone who has information or an opinion on how long we can expect the D2 will be supported going forward?



  • D2Lover
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    I dont't think anyone here can confirm when the D2's will cease to be compatible with the software but like you i'm a massive fan of the d2's and at this point i'll stick with the final update they work with unless by some sort of miracle we see a replacement or similar for them.

  • jeroen020
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    I can see by your username you're a massive fan 😀

    I found a pair of D2s I can pick up tomorrow, really looking forward to getting to know them.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    It's exactly like you say. If they stop supporting them, i will have my Traktor version # set. Until my D2s fall apart. Awesome devices. 😍

  • D2Lover
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    That’s something that didn’t cross my mind. (The no sound card)

  • jeroen020
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    Picked up a pair of D2s yesterday and hooked everything up, love them so far. Coming from an S4 Mk3, I don't really miss the platters (I prefer the feel of control vinyl anyway). However for tempo control when not in DVS mode I do find setting the pitch (I try to do manual beat matching as much as possible) a bit counter intuitive on the D2. But I prefer using DVS usually it's no problem and I love that I don't really need look at my computer's screen anymore, which was the main reason of choosing the D2 over the X1. And as it's squeezed between my mixer and turntables, the size and height fit perfectly so it looks pretty cool too.

    So I hope the D2 will be supported for a lot longer!
  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    I’ve picked up a S8 last month. I still have my Denon Prime Go, which I plan to keep but I sold my Prime 4. I just missed the intuitiveness of Traktor, how creative you can be, how awesome it sounds and those effects. I’m hoping the S8 will have a good shelf life yet. I think it will. Gonna get me some turntables this year for it 😎

  • GooseStuart
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    I have the S5 and would love pair of D2's to have the extra deck possibilities. I've found that the mods made by folks here in the forums were a huge boost to the look and feel of the controller. A full set of new knobs from DJTechTools didn't hurt either. I'm very much hoping that when Traktor 4.0 comes out in the next few years that the gear will still be able to function.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    I've also considered an S5 to add to my D2s, but then i had the opportuniy in november for another pair of D2s. Being fully modular now, i had so much fun during my last gig with a screen for every deck. And it was so much easier to transition between DJ's as well since setting up or disconnecting a D2 or two doesn't affect performance. :)

  • Kubrak
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    Do you mean it, it is possible to use 4 D2s with Traktor, now?

    Only, up to two D2s were possible in past. And if one wanted four screens, he had to use S8/S5 and two D2s.

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,737 mod

    The plug and play only works for two. This is how i got it working with four:

    1. Plug in the first two and switch on power. The two initial mappings load automatically.
    2. Load #3 and #4 by hand: controller manager->add->traktor->d2
    3. Plug in #3 and #4 and switch on power. Manually selecting #3 or #4 in the port dropdown doesn't work yet.
    4. Unpower #1 (or #2)
    5. Unpower and repower #3
    6. Repower #1 (or #2). Now the port dropdown shows 3 devices.
    7. Repeat step 4.
    8. Unpower and repower #4.
    9. Repeat step 6. Now the port dropdown shows all 4.

    Hopefully your computer is fast enough and has ample memory two accomodate the 4 devices. My machine is two weak for handling them without software hickups, but i actually got no audio dropouts. I am going to upgrade my existing system (quad 2.56MHz, 8GB RAM) soon. :)

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