Native Access Is Stuck on OrangeTree library

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I own the Orangetree, Evolution Rock Standard, but it's not coming up in Maschine, and it should because I've used it here before. However, trying to reinstall from Native Access, it's staying stuck in Queued, showing no progress. Whats the deal here?!?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Thrizill

    Evolution Rock is a third party Kontakt Library that cannot be downloaded / installed via Native Access. The fact that the download is offered is a bug in Native Access that we are currently investigating in house.

    Native Access is only responsible for authorising the library and locating it for use in Kontakt.You will first need to download the library from the manufacturer:

    Once installed, simply follow the steps in this article to add the library to Native Access:Setting Up a Third-Party KONTAKT Library

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