I tried to export one playlist including tracks, not all tracks were exported

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I tried to export one playlist, including the tracks but, not all tracks were exported to the destination folder.

I checked , all the tracks are still in the place where Traktor would try to find them. I have loaded quite some tracks into the player, so it's not like they are "lost" tracks.


  • MrCee
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    You may have library inconsistencies but this is difficult to advise without knowing more. Can I ask if you have done the following?

    • In settings make sure "File Management" points to the correct location of your files.
    • Right Click on TRACK COLLECTION and "Import Music Folders"
    • Close Traktor (this will save what you have just done to collection.nml, not always necessary but you will see why later down the track)
    • Open Traktor and Right Click on TRACK COLLECTION and "Check Consistency"
    • Remove missing.
    • Check your playlist and export again.

    Are you using any other app to tag or rename files? Are you moving tracks in and out of folders?

    This should reset it. Check your playlist first for the expected results. Nothing should be greyed out. Let me know how you go.

  • Esta
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    I did not follow up on my own question because I figured it out on my own. Sorry for that.

    This is how I solved the problem. I do not know how the bits of info and experiences with traktor added up to doing this: From the playlist I wanted to export and save, with all the tracks in a folder, I loaded all the tracks one by one, one after the other, into the player, then exported the playlist and the folder had all the tracks as files.

    I remembered I had had an update done and noticed that only newer tracks were copied into my export playlist folder.

    Weird how that worked.

    The tracks were still in their original space on my hard drive. I am very serious about not moving tracks after I added them to Traktor.

    Thank you for the feedback anyways and your time. Hope it is useful for another person.

  • MrCee
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    Well, it would be good to know how you did it also... but I'm tipping you needed to "Check Consistency" to remove tracks, and find tracks again where the file has either been renamed or moved to a different folder.

    You haven't mentioned "Check Consistency" in your workflow, and yes an update would have done that for you.

    Give it a go. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

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