USB ports on latest ni products m+, s.mk2 keyboards

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Now I have been troubleshooting my m+ for a week now. Sometimes it worked , sometimes it crashed after 5 mins. Followed the whole maschine/komplete crash procedure and it came down to the USB port losing connection in windows error reporting. Even if I let it play and don’t move it or touch it, trrrrrrr crashed. Used my old studio with an external soundcard, no problem. Now I sent it to my retailer because it’s still under warranty, but it had other malfunctions like the scene button left and middle didn’t register. The original cable was very loose, had to use a more quality cable wich was more stable but still not perfect. Now yesterday I used my s49mk2 and noticed the same issue with that USB port! I maybe had a few crashes while using it, but that USB port is also loose like the m+. All my gear stays on my desk. Except for the m+ that I use standalone in the sofa but that’s just with the power brick no usb. Guess what? Also crashing, only thing you can do is rescan, and try another sd card. I did , and checked my sd card for corruption with soft and all was ok. Maybe there’s more to it than the USB port, but I was wondering how many of you have noticed the same with the loose USB ports on the latest ni gear. With my Maschine studio, the cable fits perfect and is snug in place. Also the latest version of maschine soft has been my least stable one, for example my s49mk2 pitch and mod wheel didn’t record the automation, shut down maschine, install the same driver again, and it works again. There are a lot of little quirks about it.

Thanks for everyone’s response. Positive criticism is appreciated.



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    Sorry but that doesn't sound like a physical USB Port issue at all, sounds a lot more like driver/software issues. I know a while back NI had SW USB issue with some specific Ryzen CPU's for some reason, some windows updates sometimes break things too but I am not a Win guy so cant talk much about that.

    Other than the M+ crashing I've never had any of the issues you mention.

    If a USB port is really 'loose' it will lose connection when touched, for example. It should not cause things to crash or specific buttons not to register, it should just behave the same way as it does when you yank it out... So if you wiggle it and things happen then that's the problem if not then the issue is not with the port itself.

    how many of you have noticed the same with the loose USB ports on the latest ni gear.

    The USB ports of the latest NI gear I've had feel exactly the same as all my other devices from other companies, M32, M+, Mk3, Mikro Mk3, and KKSmk2... Perhaps on the KKS it wiggled a bit more but I've sold it so cant check now. I don't remember how it was in my MAS Studio.

    How snug the connector fits is related to the hardware housing around the port on the device and the plastic around the USB connector on the cable.

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