Is there a way to force Komplete to install plugins as vst on M1? (instead of AUv2)

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At some point, my Komplete instruments (e.g. Massive) all transitioned from VST to AUv2.

Unfortunately, now Ableton doesn't recognize the plugins I'd had previously added to tracks. I can go find the AUv2 version of Massive and drag it onto the track, but then Ableton has no idea what specific settings I had set for that plugin. As such, I get the default sound instead of the sound I'd crafted.

Is there any way to force Komplete to go back to VST? Or to get the AUv2 version to remember my settings? Thank you!!!

Screenshot of "missing plugin" in Ableton:

Screenshot of "AUv2" version that I can drag in (but won't load the right sound):

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    Run in Rosetta mode?

    Software on M1 based macs running in Native Mode no longer support VST2 so you will have to launch Ableton in Rosetta mode and go and replace every plugin that was VST2 with the VST3 version if they dont auto switch to VST3 (which many do not).


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