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Hello, I am new to Kontakt. I was using the "Hihat Open" from DrumLab. The behavior is see is that if press a key the hihat starts playing but when I release the key it does not stop. How can I make the sample stop when I release the key? I could not find any ADSR envelope settings...

Thanks, I hope someone can help.




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    HI-Hats usually work in tandem in a 'voice group', so a closed or pedal will kill an open hat.

    Hold and Decay for each sound on the 'Kit Page' tab, accessed at the bottom of the performance view.

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    In the right down corner you can adjust the ADSR (both Hold and Decay down for shorter Sound)

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    Thanks for your answers! The Hold of the ADSR unfortunatelly seems to be fixed and not connected to the key event (Note off). I will take a closer look at the Voice Groups.

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    'Voice Groups' are created in Kontakt's 'edit mode' and would already be a part of the instrument.

    IF 'Learn Midi' can be applied to the envelope you could assign a controller to the open hat's hold/decay and sweep through it to sound choked or wide open. That would be cool.

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