How to install traktor to a new computer

Hello everyone!

I am a traktor user for more than 10 years. At this time im using traktor pro 3.

I recently bought a mac (mac mini m2).

How to install traktor on the mac?

I have to uninstall it first from the windows pc i was using until now and then install it to the mac?

And also,since the mac is apple silicon which file i have to install? The one that is for the mac or the one that is for intel and use rosetta?

The hardware im using ive checked is compatible (traktor z2 and f1).

Thank you for your time.


  • Blindeddie
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    Just use Native Access, You can install on 2 computers (maybe 3) per the license agreement. This article states that Traktor is not yet "Silicon" compatible, so you will need to run in Rosetta mode.

    Apple Silicon Compatibility News – Native Instruments (

  • christos84
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    Thanks for the information.

    I deleted it from the windows pc and install it on mac.

    It was running through Rosetta (traktor 3.8) but i just installed a beta version (3.9) which is apple silicon compatible.

    The point is when i open traktor there a message that this beta version will work until 30/6/23. After that?

    Im also wondering if there is a traktor z2 control panel. On the windows pc i had this app. I try to install it on the mac but nothing happened. And i cant find it on the web. I have just updated the filmware on z2 and f1.

    I try to find this because in the audio settings its selected traktor z2 (core audio), without having any other choise of audio about the z2. On the windows pc i think it was traktor z2 and traktor z2 asio on the preferences and i was using the traktor z2. The mixer seems to work fine (both the audio card and the controls).

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