How to remove folders & bring back Vendors i.e Spitfire etc..

Thomas Matt Online
Thomas Matt Online Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

I'm having some difficulties in Kontrol.

I've just purchased a Komplete Kontrol S61 though in the Komplete Kontrol software I added some files and now I cannot remove them! (When I first installed the software I had Vendors I.E Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio etc..) They have all disappeared now...

1. How do I remove the folders

2. How do I get back the vendors i.e Spitfire etc..

Any help and advice is grateful!


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,994 mod

    From the screenshots I assume you're on Mac. Try to reset the database:

    Reinitialize the KOMPLETE KONTROL Database

    1. Go to the following location on your computer:
    2. Macintosh HD > Users > *Your User Name* > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments
    3. Note: The User Library folder is hidden. See this article for instructions to access hidden macOS folders.
    4. Search through the Native Instruments folder at this location to find the KOMPLETE KONTROL folder.
    5. Delete only the KOMPLETE KONTROL folder found here.
    6. Note: Deleting other NI product folders could result in unexpected behavior with other applications.
    7. Reboot your computer and reopen the KOMPLETE KONTROL software to check that the issue has been resolved.

    Did that fix it?

  • Thomas Matt Online
    Thomas Matt Online Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Thank you for replying Jeremy unfortuantly this hasn't solved this issue the folders are still their even after doing what you suggested, further more I removed all files, uninstalled all versions of Kontakt Player & Komplete Kontrol, All Preferences etc.. Following the following article:

    And the folders are still there.. (I rebooted also)

    Since of you asked me to complete the task above in your previous comment, I am now facing a new issue. Please see the screenshot:

    Please do help me and guide me on this issue as I have only just purchased the Kontrol S61 and I was really looking forward to an easy time of creating music, it turns out software limitations and no easy way to get around making music is possible. As I mentioned in a post not so long ago, we would just like an easy and comfortable customer journey whilst using the products provided by Native Instruments. It turns out, this is not the case and I am thinking of returning the keyboard due to these issues.

    £680 for a lot of stress.

    I also noticed in some demonstrations on youtube and they show there is a Globe Icon in Komplete Kontrol next to the Human, I don't have this? Is there any reason why and also when I have tried to Google for the Komplete Kontrol Manual Documentation it re-directs me elsewhere. Surely you have a PDF on how to use the Kompete Kontrol Software with the Komplete Kontrol S61 Hardware?

    For further information, I am using the latest downloads from Native Access & an M1 Pro Max, 64GB RAM running currently: Mac OS Ventura 3.2.1 (22D68)

    I look forward to your reply on how I can get up and running with a full guide on how to get set up.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,994 mod

    @Thomas Matt Online Sorry that you are struggling with our product. It looks like a broken installation. I see that you already contacted our support agents, it will be handled better by my colleagues. Please await for their instructions.

    The globe icon is from older generation of Komplete Kontrol. Now it's only a person icon, hi lighted (for user library) or not hi lighted (for factory library).

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