creating preview sounds for user library in Kontakt 7

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I added a few libraries of renaissance instruments. I made the 134 x 66 pixel graphics for the library and created tags for searching. That all went well. But how do you create and install the short audio preview clips. It would be nice to preview the sounds like all the other factory sounds.


  • Paule
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    IMHO all NI previews are converted to OGG vorbis.

    So you need a program with OGG codec plugin.

  • ratskins
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    Thanks for the tip. I see that Cubase can export ogg vorbis format so I will give that a try! Then I'll just have to figure what to do with the file.

  • ratskins
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    Actually, it looks like the audio preview file is an nksn file located in a path such as this: Cloud Supply\Snapshots\Cloud Supply\FX\.previews. When I find a file such as this and double click on it then the preview sound is played in the Windows media player.

    However, as a test when I copy one of these audio preview sounds into a folder with a similar path such as Post Positive ORGAN\snapshots\post positive organ\FX\.previews and make sure I rename the audio preview file with the name of one of the instruments, I find that I hear the audio preview in the Windows media player, but I do NOT hear the preview in Kontakt 7.

    Any ideas on how to get the test nksn file in the .previews folder to audition the sound? Once I figure that out I can start making small audio preview files for each instrument.

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    In case this helps someone, in many Kontakt libraries files there is a .previews folder where the .ogg audio files go. Typically under the library instruments folder, or where ever instrument files are located. There could be multiple .previews folders if there are instrument files in multiple folders.

    As best I can tell the files in a .previews folder are previewing only the instruments in the parent folder of the .previews folder.

    I also find .previews folders under the NI User Content (snapshots). On Windows that is by default at:

    C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content

    Also, on some systems the .previews folders may be hidden, so you would need to have hidden files displayed.

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    They are always hidden folders so that is definitely needed

    Same principle as creating previews for NKS generally (see discussion here - the person in this video is using Machine to generate e multiple audio files at once but you could adapt it for many DAWs, just do in batches (what your system can handle) - personally I use Audition to do the post processing (normalise and convert)

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