Will there be a new Traktor controller this year?

Relgado Member Posts: 11 Member

While I love my S4Mk3 I am growing a bit tired of needing a laptop to run Traktor. While quite expensive, the Pioneer DJ Opus Quad may get me to switch after over 13 years. Does anyone have an info if some type of standalone will be announced?

Also realize I'm likely not the first person to ask this question, so I apologize in advance.



  • zephry
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    Be sure to check reviews of the Opus Quad.

    I saw some chatter over at Djtechtools that some were disappointed in that release. Mainly the price point is way to high for some key missing features.


    I have to admit, I am really only versed with Traktor, so maybe that is worth it? But it also has no streaming services yet. For 3k it seems like that would be ready from the start? Maybe even a couple months free service at Beatport or Beatsource?

  • lord-carlos
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    If it's a standalone, will it still be Traktor running on it?

    If you go standalone anyway, why not go with denon or similar?

  • Relgado
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    Yeah, my plan is to wait for proper reviews to see what those look like. Not much in the way of a formal review right now.

  • Relgado
    Relgado Member Posts: 11 Member

    Ideally, I'd like for a standalone that runs Traktor. Even if some of the features are paired down. I have a Maschine + that I love, so between that and currently running Traktor with my S4MK3 I feel pretty locked into the NI ecosystem. Been looking at Denon as well, but just like what I see with the Opus quad more.

    Just looking to get away from needing to have a computer with me for music production and or bedroom DJ'ing. Which is also why I went for Maschine + over the just the Maschine MK3.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    I think if there is going to be new hardware it will come with 4.0. I have s4 mk3 also with 2 f1. Great combo.

  • Relgado
    Relgado Member Posts: 11 Member

    That's my suspicion as well. We're nearly at the five year mark with the S4MK3, so I'm hoping something new will be announced this year. But didn't see anything in the Traktor Roadmap that was posted (which may be only a software roadmap) so figured I'd ask here.

  • Kubrak
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    There might be replacement for S8/S5/D2/Z2 type of controller/mixer as they are not offered anymore.

    But maybe also those S4/S2/S3.

    I am not sure if standalone controller is the best way to go. I use Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (i5 CPU) and it is just great. One may use it as tablet, one may use it as notebook. And it is passively cooled. It is IMHO better than standalone device.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,546 mod

    X1 and F1 replacement would make the most sense to me. S4 MK3 is relatively new compared to other outdated hardware. S4 only needs a proper update to fix all issues - great hardware already.

  • Kubrak
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    S8/S5/D2 were also great...

    We will see, if NI will bring anything new.

  • Relgado
    Relgado Member Posts: 11 Member

    Yeah the S8 was cool, just wasn't a fan of the touch strips on that (or the S5). Between the S8 and D2 it seemed like they were close to some kind of standalone capability, hopefully they can build off of those?

    I'm likely way off but one can dream, right?

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