Low quality time code

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Hi quick question I keep getting low quality time code messages popping up and use a xone 23c mixer. I’m looking at possibly picking up a separate audio interface (for cheap) and putting that through the mixer to see if that helps and improves the time code signal. My question is do you think the audio interface might actually improve things and stop the error messages or is it likely to be something else?


  • Stecotech
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    Not enough info:

    Is the xone connected to a computer or use it stand alone?

    Windows or Mac?

    Is the OS up to date?

    No the suggested solution will not work.

    The problem is, all connected devices to the USB bus will mean some slower working for serious work.

    So connect only Mouse and Keyboard and a USB lock if You need that and what can help is buy a USB3 controller card to avoid any problems with the USB on-board. What also helps is in case of a Mac is the thunderbold port but a desktop has far more flexibility with expanding.

  • decat_Tf
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    I presume you're using vinyl, if so, are you vinyl new or used?

    If used try getting a new one, did help alot here. Could be cartridge related too.

    In any way, the 23C is known to have quite low phone inputs. Getting preamps might be a solution too.

    Back in the days when the 23C was just released U just mine with an Audio 8 and had not really an issue when using timecode.

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