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Hi all, I have 2 f1 connected to my s4 mk4. All was going well but since I lve been playing with 3.9 I keep getting a two or more devices with the same name are currently connected message on controller editor. I am trying to connect Tekken mapping on one which uses controller editor and stewe F1 remix ultimate which uses IAC driver. Happens now on 3.8. I’ve tried to rename files but I am not really sure what they want me to rename. Many thanks.


  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    Think I’ve sorted it. When I initially added the 2nd f1 midi to 1st. Bit complicated but it’s sorted.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,767 mod

    Tekken's mapping us MIDI mode and my Ultimate Remix mapping is just a heavily edited default mapping for F1 linked to IAC driver.

    Those two are different protocols and should not conflict with each other unless your In-Port and Out-ports weren't correctly. (i.e. Using IAC driver or All Ports in Tekken's mapping)

    Glad you sorted it out though!

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