Saving Macro pages/effect chains? Loading a new group erases them though!!!

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First time caller, still a major big-time honkin newbie. I’m doing some live performances and want to set up a project template I can use to pre-create a skeleton for each live song. I’ve already set up a template with 8 groups with tons of effects in a chain…all painstakingly mapped to macro pages for cool fun messing with effects during live shows. The effects chain and the macro mapping is the issue here.

I saved each group I created in my skeleton song as a template group (with all the macro mapping) and also saved the project as a whole. As I create each skeleton song I’d like to start with the same template and “save as” for each new song. But…if I want to change groups, like loading up a different drum kit from the one I originally loaded, the new group erases all my precious effects and macro mapping!!!

If I load an instrument -> no problem, effects and macro mapping remain

If I load a one shot —> no problem, effects and macro mapping remain

If I load a loop —> no problem…

If I load a sound —> no problem…

It’s just groups. Is there a way to load a new group (like subbing in a new drum kit) without erasing the effects chain and macro mappings?

Thanks for any help anyone might be able to provide!!!


  • Peter Harris
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    You need to toggle off +ROUTING the bottom right of the browser list when you load those groups and it shouldn't mess with your hard work.

    And if you toggle off +PATTERNS then you can use a group that has patterns you like but substitute in all new drum sounds from a new group. This mix-and-match technique is one of my favorite expansion quick tips because all of your existing content is totally new again.

  • Plazawave
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    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your response. I also read that in the manual and tried it…but it doesn’t work. Whether it’s toggled or untoggled in the software, or if I try SHIFT while in the browse mode and toggle it on or off there….it has no effect! I thought that was the answer. So, I’m wondering if I’ve just got a glitchy install?

    There’s an option to “save plugins”. I’m going to try that and see if I can at least load a group I like, then load the plugs ins one my one and hopefully, the macro mapping it retained. Not a great workout really…but if it works, I’ll have to run with it for this upcoming show. What do you think?

    Thanks again

  • Plazawave
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    Tried saving a plug-in and recalling it. You can certainly do that…but it does not maintain the macro mapping.

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