Requests for Native Access to convert unsupported format and offer support for legacy products

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For next Native Access version 3 make sure provided:

• Converter tool to convert unsupported VST, VST2, DLL, into VST3, AU, and AAX

• Native Kontrol Standard (via Preferences) with more than 125 manufacturer and developer brands.

• Added Legacy Instruments Extracted and Converted From Old Format To VST3, From Products That Discontinued By NI, and all Library from Komplete 7 until Komplete 3 (Native Access via Preferences, for Windows 7 and later/Mac OSX 11 with latest Service Packs/Updates).

Because of my Kontakt 7 load VST Mr. Sax and Builldog Sax error unsupported because it is in VST not VST3.


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    Komplete 3 wrong it should Komplete 13 UCE🤣🤣😅

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    I am guessing that exactly none of these will be implemented in Native Access:

    1. Native Access is a product licensing management tool and installer. It does not have any capability to even interact with file formats let alone "convert" them. And you cannot simply "convert" an original VST (.dll) to VST3 for example. That needs to be recoded from scratch.
    2. Not sure what this means
    3. Legacy means "no longer serviced". As in - never to be revisited. If you have issues with specific instruments like the sax items you mention - that is on the developer of those instruments to bring them current - not Native Instruments.


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