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Only analyse what needs analysing.

Jaxeed Member Posts: 3 Sine

Having an option to analyse all files that has not yet received any analysis in a folder, would be a huge time saver.

When I have a large number of new files added to a folder, it seems like such a time-sink to scroll through the list to hand-pick each track that needs some basic analysis. Especially since Traktor already knows which ones it lacks key details on. If there was a checkbox for "Only analyse files that has yet to be analysed", Traktor could get on with the job with much less user input.

I know, ideally, each track should receive manual attention to ensure the grid sits correctly. However, sometimes you’re just pressed for time and only need the BPM and Key to start the show. Some eventual grid mishaps can in those cases be fixed on the fly. Sometimes you just don’t have the 20 minutes to spare to tell Tractor to individually analyse "that one.. and then that one. OH! ..and that one too", while analysing the entire folder will take too long.

I also know you can click the columns to reorganize the tracks, making the new files easier to select. However, that never seems to work 100% reliably. Also, I usually only lock tracks when I know for certain Traktor will get them wrong.

Thus, having this option for analysis would in many situations be a huge relief.

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  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 623 Saw

    I have a smart playlist with every track added in the last X days.

    Or you can sort the who collection by date added.

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