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Layout deck Stem in my Kontrol D2

I need help friends because my old layout the deck Stem in the Kontrol D2 change.

I like to visualize the Deck in layout 01 (photo) but the parameters are gone... and they are always in layout 02 ( photo). How do i get it back visual on Kontrol D2 ?


  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 190 mod

    Hi @Marciomixdj, sorry to hear that! Have you performed an update before the display behavior changed? Have you experienced any other changes of behavior in Traktor or on your D2?

    hich Traktor update are you currently using? And on which operating system?

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 603 Saw

    Win 10

    I7 4th gen

    My waveforms are gone on the D2 (completely) when a Stem Track is loaded. Just a small heads up about it, I discovered this after testing what OP wrote. Thank you.

  • Marciomixdj
    Marciomixdj Member Posts: 2 Noise
    I was a while without using Kontrold2 
    and I made a mess. Actually on the 
    Kontrold2 display (in Stem mode) the 
    info does not appear, only on the 
    Notebook deck.
    Thanks for attention and support
    ( my OS is El Capitan and traktor 
    version is )
    PS: I really love Traktor and have been
     using it since 2004 in the Dascratch 

    I was a while without usin Kontrol D2 and i made a mess. Really, on the Kontrol D2 display ( in Stem mode ) the infos does not apear, only on the Notebook Traktor Deck .

    Thanks for attention and support my friend.

    PS.: I really love Traktor plataform and have been using it since 2004 ( version for Dascratch timecodes )

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