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I have yet-another in my long series of noob Primary coding question. I am fiddling around with feeding data into a sine bank, and running up against what ought to be a ridiculously easy problem to solve. As I iterate through the various partials to load into the sine bank, I want to apply a different ratio to the first partial vs. all of the rest. Specifically, I want partial #1 to have a ratio of 1 applied, and all others to have a ratio controlled by a panel knob.

This pic represents what I've tried so far, but I'm pretty sure it's not working properly. This particular macro is being fed the index value that's coming out of the iteration loop and spitting out the ratio that will then get stuffed into the sine bank. The two controls allow the panel user to dink with the ratio of the partials and invert the phase.

(I can't tell for sure whether this does work, due to my earlier grumbling about figuring out debugging in Reaktor: wire level debugging works poorly for this kind of problem. It doesn't sound like it's working though!)

This is ridiculously easy to code in a procedural language, which of course, Reaktor is not. So, does anyone have a suggestion as to how to wire this up in a better way?



  • Michael R B
    Michael R B Member Posts: 15 Member

    Well, I tried redoing it, and it now does something different. I think this might be better:

    Is it??

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