When will real-time stem separation and flex grids be released? + remix deck question


hi Guys

Won’t be upgrading for plus until stem separation and/or flexible beatgrids are implemented and released. 

They are the only 2 things I am interested. 

any idea when will be implemented and released?


I’d also like remix decks stay loaded with whatever remix set was loaded when switching to different input/deck type and back again. 

It worked with the S8. 

But all other traktor controllers when having a loaded remix deck and then switching to other input/deck type then return back to remix deck it’s empty and needs to be loaded again :(

With the s8, when returning to remix deck after using other deck or input it’s still loaded and ready to use,

Joey :) 


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,521 Expert

    any idea when will be implemented and released?

    • Check the roadmap
    • see how long it took for previous items to be released
    • interpolate
    • ???

    My current guess is around ~4 month per roadmap item.

  • gmint
    gmint Member Posts: 19 Helper

    😂 Don’t hold your breath. NI has been talking about flexible beatgrids for at least a decade. Even on the roadmap it says “researching.”

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